Friday, September 03, 2010

Back to School

Well, Brooks started back to school this week. He is in Mrs. Tyra and Mrs. Leigh Ann's 4 year old class. He goes to school Mon. - Wed. from 8-11:15 and then one or two days he stays in extended care until we get out of school. He LOVES it. He told me last night that he thinks that he is really suppose to go Mon.-Fri.....I said that he would next year! BOO! HOO!
This was meet the teacher day.....we go to church with both of them so we went so that he could see his classroom.
All the classes has these really cool reading lofts.

Braden enjoyed this center too.

Cool guitar

Braden crawling into the reading loft.

Brooks had to show Braden the playground before we left.

Big Preschooler!

This was on his first official day! He was so excited and he even stayed until I got out of school at 4:00.....he couldn't wait to go back!

His classroom

Brooks and his buddy, Sam. They have been buds since I babysat Sam at 4 months old!

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