Monday, November 21, 2011

Mayfield's Field Trip

In October, Brooks' K class took a great field trip to the Mayfield's Pumpkin Patch. It was such a neat place with all kinds of things for the kids to do. Jeff took a day off of school and I switched a day with my co-worker so that the entire family could go. We all had a great day together!

Brooks was so excited about riding a bus for the first time!

Yay!! Fun ride!

Mrs. Eddins K Class!

The KING of Kindergarten!!

Braden had a blast that day too!

The cow train was Brooks and Braden's favorite part!

Fun Family Times!

Destin 2011

Well, I am playing Blog Catchup again!! Part of the reason I have not blogged is becasue I dreaded posting the 170+ vacation pics! So I made a deal with myself that I would post about 20 of my favorites!! We had a great time at the beach on Fall Break! We stayed in a different house with its own hot tub and pool. We also had a "carriage house" this time too which Papaw and Rue Rue enjoyed! This year my cousin Gwyn and her children, Ian and Allison went with us (along with my parents and Jeff's parents). We all had fun, especially the kiddos! Braden LOVED the beach. He was only 9 months old the last time we went so he was thrilled with the sand and water. Looking forward to another great time next year!!!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Brooks' Field Trip

On a cool Friday in September Brooks' class took their first field trip. They had read a story that week about communities and the importance of all the jobs around the community. So they took a walking field trip around the Greenback community. They got to go to the community library, fire station, post office, bank, and drugstore. It is such a small community so all these places are located around the school. I attended the first half of the trip and Brooks had a ball! Getting ready to go!
My sweet boy!

That day was homecoming for the high school so the different classes decorated the halls to show their school spirit.

Brooks' class

Fun at the fire hall

We had a great day!

Monday, October 03, 2011

Braden is TWO!

On August 18th our sweet "baby" turned two! It is sooooooo hard to believe! It seems like just yesterday that he was a tiny baby in my arms and now he is running the house.....just kidding! (He does try though!) We had a little celebration the night of his birthday with the family and then on Saturday we celebrated with some of our neighbors. Braden had a great time! Braden LOVED blowing out the candles!
He got puzzles, an Elmo toy, and his favorite toy.... Dinosaur Train!


Then on Saturday we had a Mickey Mouse celebration!

His cake turned out so cute....thanks to Walmart!

I LOVE THIS PICTURE! His face is just precious....that super cute Braden grin!

Party friends

Then we went out and had fun on the slip-n-slide and sprinkler!

Water balloons were a hit too!

Jeff and I got Braden a new riding toy! He is really enjoying it!

Our big TWO year old....riding into the sunset!

End of Summer Fun!

The boys and neighbors enjoyed running through the sprinkler one night before bed. One of the GRAND things about summer! (Braden even broke out the Elmo undies for the event....maybe one day he will be able to wear underwear for more that just sprinkler fun!)

The Bird Boys go to SCHOOL!!

On August 3rd Braden went to his first day of Mother's Day Out. He goes every Wednesday at a church nearby. In the Wednesdays that I work, Papaw and Rue Rue take him and the Wednesdays I am off, I drop him off, go to the gym, and run about 10 errands (literally) in 4 hours. He has had a rough start (switching of teachers and getting use to a new place), but I think that he is finally starting to get settled. Oh no! Don't say it is time for school already??
Brooks had not begun Kindergarten yet so he got to go with me to take Braden his first day!

Ready for school!

Playing....his favorite part!

On August 15th Brooks began Kindergarten! I know a lot of moms look forward to this day, but I would keep him home with me if I could! He is such a joy and I miss him the days that I am off! To say that Brooks LOVES school is an understatement.....he is in HEAVEN! He is doing well academically, but socially he is IN HIS ELEMENT! I am so glad that he LOVES school. I pray that he always will!

My BIG sweet Kindergartner!

I am so thankful that both Jeff and I are able to be at school with him. Jeff teaches 5th and 6th social studies and I am the part-time RTI teacher. We both go in during Brooks' lunchtime to say hello and occasionally you will see one (or both) of us loitering outside his classroom!

This is his WONDERFUL teacher, Mrs. Eddins! She is awesome! It is neat because Jeff has her son this year in 5th grade and she has Brooks....another thing I LOVE about a small school!

I had to snag a lunch picture!

Out the door after a GREAT first day!