Monday, October 03, 2011

The Bird Boys go to SCHOOL!!

On August 3rd Braden went to his first day of Mother's Day Out. He goes every Wednesday at a church nearby. In the Wednesdays that I work, Papaw and Rue Rue take him and the Wednesdays I am off, I drop him off, go to the gym, and run about 10 errands (literally) in 4 hours. He has had a rough start (switching of teachers and getting use to a new place), but I think that he is finally starting to get settled. Oh no! Don't say it is time for school already??
Brooks had not begun Kindergarten yet so he got to go with me to take Braden his first day!

Ready for school!

Playing....his favorite part!

On August 15th Brooks began Kindergarten! I know a lot of moms look forward to this day, but I would keep him home with me if I could! He is such a joy and I miss him the days that I am off! To say that Brooks LOVES school is an understatement.....he is in HEAVEN! He is doing well academically, but socially he is IN HIS ELEMENT! I am so glad that he LOVES school. I pray that he always will!

My BIG sweet Kindergartner!

I am so thankful that both Jeff and I are able to be at school with him. Jeff teaches 5th and 6th social studies and I am the part-time RTI teacher. We both go in during Brooks' lunchtime to say hello and occasionally you will see one (or both) of us loitering outside his classroom!

This is his WONDERFUL teacher, Mrs. Eddins! She is awesome! It is neat because Jeff has her son this year in 5th grade and she has Brooks....another thing I LOVE about a small school!

I had to snag a lunch picture!

Out the door after a GREAT first day!

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