Friday, September 03, 2010

New Bears

Last Friday night we had to go to West Town Mall in Knoxville, to pick up our runners pack for the 5K we were doing on Saturday. We haven't been to that mall in about 2 or 3 years and Brooks LOVED looking at all the stores (he is sheltered I know). He saw a Build-a-Bear store and remembered making a bear there with Rue Rue a couple of years ago. We decided to let both boys make a bear while we were there. I did not have my camera at the time, but here are the finished bears. Braden's bear is named Chewy because he immediately began chewing on him (he thinks every object is food!) Brooks' bear is named Chipper because he is really into the Braves right now!

(Braden cracks me up in this outfit becasue Brooks wore it when he was 2 1/2! I kept looking it in the closet all summer thinking he is not even one yet, he can't wear it. So finally this Sunday I thought I might as well try it and guess what..... it is a 2T and .... he can wear it!)

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