Thursday, September 02, 2010

Braden Turns ONE!

On August 18th Braden turned 1 year old! This has been such an amazing year! Life with 2 children is busy, exhausting, and challenging....BUT OH SO MUCH FUN!!!! Braden has completed our family in so many ways. We love him to pieces!

Good morning, Birthday boy!
Brooks and I decided to take Braden to the park after Braden's morning nap. It was hotter than I thought it would be (it started out really cool that morning), but we still had fun! Braden enjoyed all the fun "rides."

After daddy got home from school we went out to eat and then to church. Then after church Rue Rue and Papaw came over and we had a cookie cake and sang to Braden again.


Washing it down with some whole milk!!

Brooks trying out Braden's new toy from Papaw and Rue Rue.

Then Aunt Lynette called to say "Happy Birthday." Braden thought that was funny!

Papaw wishing him Happy Birthday.

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