Friday, July 30, 2010

Braden at 11 months

Someone please tell me I am dreaming and my sweet "baby" is not going to be ONE next month!!!! This year has ABSOLUTELY flown by! I have enjoyed being at home with Braden (and Brooks) so much. I have decided to return to teaching part-time. Thirty-One is going Amazingly well, but I want to keep my tenure and retirement so I am going to attempt to teach part-time, run my Thirty-One business, and be the best mother and wife I can be.... pray for me! Anyway, I am kinda sad that I will be leaving Braden for 2/3 days a week, but he is going to be in the great hands of Rue Rue and Mrs. Lisa! (I am a little excited to be returning to an adult world... with little kids there too of course.)
At 11 months Braden is into TROUBLE! He loves the fireplace, the facet on the bathtub, the garbage can, turning the volume up on the receiver..... he has had many hand smacks and is learning the meaning of "NO!" He is pulling up to everything and he is going to be our climber! I think it will be a good month or so before he is walking though. Right now he can get anywhere he wants by doing a VERY fast crab crawl! He stills says, "mammamma" and "dadada" and lately he is saying, "bu" for either Brooks or Bubba. He is eating EVERYTHING and does not like to be spoon fed anymore. If I try to feed him yogurt or applesauce or anything with a spoon, he will eat it and then spit some of it back out on his tongue and then take his hand and rub it ALL over his face! Needless to say, he eats table food 99% of the time! He is still wearing 18-24 month clothes and is in size 4 diapers. His 8th tooth came in this month too! He now has the top 4 and the bottom 4! I think that this 1st Birthday coming up is going to be a hard day for Momma! I love this sweet boy so much!

Braden LOVES to crawl into our bathroom and turn on the tub. The other day Brooks said, "Braden, if you keep turning on the water and running our bill up, you will have to use some of your Birthday money to help pay the bill!" HA! Boy, Dave Ramsey would be proud!

We also call him Mr. Destructo

Climbing out now

He found the mop in the laundry room and crawled with it back into the kitchen! This is one of the reasons that my house looks like a tornado hit EVERYDAY!

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