Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pickin' and Outside Fun

A few weeks ago we went to pick peaches at Mrs. Lisa's Peach Orchard. She has GREAT peaches! Her son, Heath, helped Jeff and Brooks find the best peaches....we all enjoyed the peach cobbler when we got back home! (Brooks had to ear his rain boots b/c he was afraid it would be muddy.)
Then later that week we picked blueberries for the first time from our blueberry bushes.

We gave Braden this water table a few weeks before his birthday so he could enjoy it. He played with it about 5 minutes and then he began to go into explore mode. He loves to get down and dirty. I would be in REAL trouble if I minded dirt because these two boys of mine LOVE to have fun in the dirt!

And he is off!

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