Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Let's Play Ball!

Well, Brooks has had 2 wee ball practices and he LOVES it! He has his 3rd one tomorrow afternoon before church and he is PUMPED because they get to practice on the real FIELD. ******WARNING----BRAGGING MOM ALERT******* At his last practice I heard several dads talking about how well Brooks hit the ball and Jeff said that the coaches were trying to figure out where to put him in the field because he could throw and catch so well.....at the end of last practice they were thinking 1st base! He was thrilled. It is so fun to see him so excited. After his Saturday practice, he was saying his prayer at dinner and at the end he said, "And God, I smashed that ball today!"

Great batter with a HUGE head! We have to find a helmet to fit his noggin... none of these fit!
"Smashing" the ball!

Catching a grounder

Brooks and his friend from church, Dillon.

Braden enjoys watching brother too!

This is one thing I LOVE about wee ball..... if you are having a bad day just come and watch a practice... look at the little boy in the background! HA!

1, 2, 3 --- GO DODGERS!

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