Saturday, April 03, 2010

Going Forward and Moving Back

Moving forward....Last week Braden began eating table food. The baby food was killing our budget! HA! Seriously, this Braden is only 7 months old, but he has 6 teeth and another one that is ready to pop through any day. So I figure he can eat some REAL food! He LOVES it! He has had peas, carrots, macaroni, cheese, ham, sweet potatoes, and green beans. He still eats baby food, but he really enjoys feeding himself and being able to chew. It is A LOT messier around the table, but he is enjoying himself!
We "moved back" a little last week. Brooks began taking a paci again..... NOT! He sees Braden with a paci a lot and has asked me several times about his paci. So finally the other day he asked me again about sucking a paci and I finally said that he could suck on it for a few minutes and then I never wanted to hear him ask again. He thought it was funny that he and Braden both had one and I took their picture. He hasn't mentioned the paci since!

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