Tuesday, March 23, 2010

7 months old

I cannot believe that Braden is already 7 months old! Where has the time gone???
Braden at 7 months...... he now has 5 teeth, had his first ear infection, is eating 3 meals a day and nursing about every 4-5 hours, wearing 3-4 size diapers, is in 12 month clothes (some 18 month), LOVES to be around his brother, LOVES to pull hair, enjoys growling, likes being outside, is still waiting on hair, has the sweetest smile, rarely ever cries, is still NOT sleeping through the night, puts himself asleep, shakes his head no, LOVES to be held, is getting pretty attached to momma (hate that)HA!
He is such a blessing!
I had planned on Braden wearing this sweet little (fu fu) outfit for Easter. However, when I tried it on him yesterday i couldn't even button it, it was so tight! I decided to take a few pics in it anyway!
I could eat him with a spoon!

This may be our back-up Easter outfit.... I'm not sure yet. It is a little snug too!
More Braden......

Still chewing on everything!

Stille looks like an angel!

Still trying to sit alone

Warning.....This last picture is a little gross! Braden is on Augmitten(sp?) becasue of his ear infection. Now hs is already known in several places for exploding diapers, but this medicine has made it even worse! I changed his outfit 3 times yesterday and 3 times today...... no diaper can hold it! Well, Sunday Jeff was on baby duty while I worked on 31. Braden was in his exasaucer and we smelled something and sure enough he had made us another present. Jeff got him out, changed him, got him a new outfit and then I heard him say, "Oh no." When I went to look he pointed at the exasuacer....... the poop had spilled out of his diaper into the bottom of the exasucer and he had stepped in it and smeared it everywhere! I just smiled at Jeff and said, "Welcome to my everyday world," and went back to work!

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