Saturday, March 20, 2010

Great Check-ups

I took Brooks and Braden a few weeks ago for their 6 month (Braden) and 4 year (Brooks) checkups. Thankfully, Rue Rue and Papaw met me at the doctor's office that day because we were there for over 2 hours! Brooks weighed 39 1/2 pounds (75%) and was 42 1/2 inches (90%). Braden weighed 19.7 pounds (83 %) and was 28 inches long (94%). I think I am going to have me some TALL boys! Dr. Bean saw Brooks first and he did awesome. He checked him from head to toe and then it was Braden's turn. Dr. Bean said he didn't think that it was possible for us to have another boy as great as Brooks, but he said he changed his mind once Braden grinned at him! Both boys got shots and Brooks even got his without me (he went with Rue Rue). Jeff and I feel so blessed to have such healthly boys. The nurse was looking through Braden's chart and commented about him having meningitis. I told her that yes, he had it when he was 6 days old, but had no effects from it. She asked about his hearing and I told her that we had an extensive hearing test at Children's Hospital and it was normal. She said that was amazing, she had never seen a baby that had meningitis that it did not effect their hearing. I was reminded again of God's healing hand and how much he has blessed us and our boys.

Brother Bath Time

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Shannon and Andrew said...

Andrew's sister had spinal meningitis when she was an infant and we pick on her for hearing EVERYTHING!!! I'm so glad Braden doesn't have hearing issues.