Monday, March 01, 2010

Excitement Galore

Last weekend was BIG around the Bird house. We signed Brooks up to play baseball. He was SO EXCITED! We were out of town for the first sign up and there were only 6 spots left so we were not sure he would get to play or not. We had our fingers crossed because we knew he would be so disappointed if he didn't get to..... we were the first to arrive and he is now on the DODGERS! We then went to Target and bought him a glove. It was nice outside so we practiced a lot on Saturday and Sunday. He can't wait until his first game!

Here he is after he got signed up.
Taking a look at the field.... could this be where he will hit his first homerun??? HA!

Check out the new glove.... he even slept with it and took it to church to show everyone!

Getting some batting practice from daddy.


Braden enjoyed some outside time too. After all he LOVES to watch brother!

Then we took Braden over to the neighbor's to let him swing for the first time. He loved it! Brooks' old baby swing is not safe so we are definitely going to have to get Braden one for our house!

(Look mom, no hands!)

Look at that sweet grin!!

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