Saturday, February 27, 2010

Our Burping Bear

This is a video of Braden that we took this morning. He has begun to "talk." However, it is not the normal dadada, mamama, lalalala sounds. The sound instead is a cross between a bear growl and a very low belch! So funny! If his voice is this low, then I think he will be able to sing bass when he gets older!

*And yes, he normally wears clothes in the house during the winter, but he was striped down after eating a teething biscuit. He wanted to show his bulging muscles!

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h.denise said...

Hey you guys, love seeing pictures of your adorable boys. Braden is such a sweet boy to look at because of his constant smile. Love the growling and glad you got it on video to watch later. Guess the explosive poops are from all the antibiotics they gave hime when he was in the hospital.Hope he gets over that soon. Good luck Brooks w/baseball.