Monday, March 01, 2010

Sunday Look-A-Likes.... for a little while anyway

Last spring when I was pregnant with Braden, I bought these sweet matching sweater vests for this year. Well, since Braden is now in 12 month clothes, I thought he and Brooks better wear them soon or they would be too little. So yesterday, they wore their matching vests, khakis, and white shirts to church. I took a few pictures before church (glad I did), but planned on getting better ones when we got back home. Well, in case I haven't mentioned it before, Braden has EXPLOSIVE poops. There have been days that he has messed on 2 or 3 different sets of clothes. Yesterday proved to be another explosive day. During Sunday School, one of his teachers peaked her head in our young adults class and motioned for me to come out. When I got out in the hall she explained that Braden had messed everywhere and they were going to change him, but it looked like he needed a bath! I walked in to him sitting on the changing table with another one of his teachers, just smiling away.... he felt better! EVERYONE ELSE DID NOT! He had messed EVERYWHERE and they were right he had to have a bath. So I began filling up the big nursery sink and finished striping him down. By the time we went to the sink, he had poop on his face, arms, legs, and his back was covered.... not to mention the changing table! I gave him a quick bath, wrapped him in a clean crib sheet, and put on a jogging suit that I found in the bottom of his bag. So much for looking cute with brother!

(The white onesie was so bad, we had to throw it away!) Maybe we can try the look-a-like thing again another day! He loves to pull on Brooks' face and hair!

My handsome boys!

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