Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It has been awhile since I have done an update on our sweet 4 month old. He is still growing by leaps and bounds. His sleeping patterns changed DRAMATICALLY about a 3 weeks ago. He went from taking 3 hours naps to taking 30 minutes naps! He has been fussier and restless too. We think it is his teeth. He now has 2 and I took him to the doctor last week just to make sure it wasn't his ears or tummy issues. He is now up to 18 pounds! His ears looked great and the doctor looked and said he thought his top teeth would be in soon too..... WHAT??????? A four month old with 4 teeth????? Sure enough his top gums are swollen and I can already feel the groves where his teeth will come in. I am hoping that once these teeth come in he will feel a lot better and begin sleeping better too!

He really enjoys standing up...... in fact he doesn't bend. We are wondering if he will ever sit up!
We are practicing sitting up.... we have to force him to bend those knees!
He enjoys playing with the water mat that Aunt Leah got him for Christmas.

Highchair fun!

Again the Bumbo seat is a struggle because he has to sit.

He continues to have the sweetest smile!

Playing with brother's dog, Sissy. (The red patch under his chin is a combo of eczema and moisture under his triple chin:)

We are still trying cereal..... he could care less about food...... he knows Momma has the "good stuff!" HA! I am hoping he will finally be ready to begin baby food in a couple of weeks!

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h.denise said...

Darling pictures, love the big smiles. Both boys are just as cute as can be.