Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Last Friday we got a snow day. Well, it was more of an ice day! We only had about an inch of snow on the ground, but the roads were horrible. It was a solid sheet of ice with a dusting of snow on top. Jeff was out of school and we did not venture out in the car the entire day.... it was way to slick. I made pancakes for breakfast and then we played outside for awhile. Then I made some homemade chicken noodle soup and we played some more. We drank hot chocolate, took a nap, and then was invited next door for supper. We had a terrific day together!

Brooks and Braden ready in the sled..... don't worry Braden didn't slide anywhere in it!


Momma it's COLD!

Daddy and Brooks going down the big hill in the neighborhood.

It was only about 19 degrees at the time.... Braden didn't stay out long!

Brooks would have stayed outside ALL day if we would have let him!

Hot chocolate time!

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