Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Fun at Preschool

Brooks is LOVING preschool. He has already learned so much and is spelling many of his color words. More importantly he is forming an early opinion that school is FUN. Recently the 3 year old class went to the cookie company for a field trip. Brooks enjoyed seeing how the cookies were made and decorating one himself.
Group photo

Here are the children from both classes. The lady from the cookie company use to be a teacher and she was GREAT with the kids!

Showing them what goes into making a yummy cookie!

Brooks helping to decorate his cookie.

It is a tasty reindeer!

Tuesday was the class Christmas party. I took treat bags and helped with the games. We all had a great time!

Brooks and his buddy, Sam.

Every time you go into the classroom, it is so organized and neat. I don't know how they do it with fourteen 3 year olds!

Sam and Brooks doing one of their class dances.

Say, "I LOVE parties!"

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Shannon and Andrew said...

I LOVED that fieldtrip! I'm so glad Brooks is having a great time at preschool. I miss eveyone there.