Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Great Gingerbread Disaster

Braden has not been sleeping very well the last several nights..... we think he is cutting teeth. Therefore, I have been a tad bit ill with everyone, especially Brooks! Yesterday, we loaded up and went to Walmart and I saw a gingerbread kit. I got excited because I had been wanting to do a gingerbread house with him this Christmas. We bought it and the girl told me how easy it was to assemble and showed me a display that she had made and I was PUMPED. So after we got the groceries put up, Brooks and I began making our masterpiece! However, I soon realized that this would not turn into the gingerbread mansion that I had hoped. As I was reading the directions, Brooks picked up the roof part and pretended to be a pizza chef and tossed the gingerbread into the air. He learned 2 valuable lessons.... gingerbread is breakable and a house will not stand without a roof! I was a little ticked at him, but I could tell that he was disappointed in himself so I told him that we could pretend that this was the house from the Bible where they lowered the lame man in through the roof so that he could see Jesus. We both laughed and he decorated the best he could....... we ended throwing the house away last night. Hopefully, we will make a better one next year.
Excited to get started!

The final......pitiful..... house

Braden thought all of this was funny!

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