Monday, November 16, 2009

Our Busy Week

Last week was so busy. I had two 31 shows, we ate at the Apple Barn in Sevierville, we went to Dollywood, and then on Saturday we went to the zoo. Yesterday afternoon we tried to "crash, " but two boys we know really didn't let that happen:) It was busy week, but a lot of fun!

This was Braden's first trip to Dollywood.

First thing we HAD to do was ride "The Polar Express 4D ride." It was only a 45 minute wait.....usually it is about 3-4 hours! It was neat and Brooks loved the fact that he got to sit in his own seat! Here he is with Papaw.....loving the 3D glasses.

Cool glasses!

We enjoyed the fact that Rue Rue and Papaw got to go with us! Brooks loved driving Rue Rue around.

Braden was as good as ever!
Here we are waiting for brother on a ride. This was the first time that I have gotten to ride rides! The last 4 or 5 times that we went, I was pregnant. Jeff even got me on a few roller coasters this time... SCARY!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. & Mrs. Claus.... and the kiddos!

Our sweet little Bird!

Braden stayed snug as a bug in a rug!

Everyone was getting tired so we didn't get to stay too long after dark to see the Christmas lights. They had just turned them on when we were leaving. We plan to go back in December to see the Christmas light show.

Saturday was FREE DAY at the Knoxville Zoo, so you know how cheap we are.... we had to take the boys.... note to self....NEVER GO ON FREE DAY AGAIN! There were THOUSANDS of people there, kids throwing fits (thankfully they weren't my kids), parents yelling, and you couldn't even get close enough to see many of the animals because of all the people! We only stayed about 2 hours and chalked it up as a lesson learned... the cheap way!
Brooks and Braden

Braden enjoyed people watching more than animal watching.... I have to admit many of the people there were pretty entertaining to watch.

Brooks looking at the hippos.

Watching the camels.

Best part of the entire zoo was watching this baby chimp with his/her mom and dad. It would run up and hug them, throw leaves at them and play, and even went up to the momma and began nursing. I could have watched it all day.

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