Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Memoma meets Braden Hunter

I was so excited that Memoma finally got to meet and hold Braden for the first time this weekend. His middle name "Hunter" was her maiden name and I could tell that she was thrilled that we chose to honor her with his name. I could think of no other person that deserves to be honored in that way more than my Memoma. She is 91 and still going strong. She has worked hard all her life and has ALWAYS shown a true example of putting others first. She and I have always be so close and I love the fact that Braden's name will always have such special meaning to all of us!
Here she is holding him for the first time.Brooks and Braden with Memoma at her house.

Memoma's arms are so comfy!

She is trying to get him to show us his dimples!

Precious hands!

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