Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Braden visits Lebanon

We made our first trip to Lebanon this past weekend with the newest member of our family. Braden LOVED getting to meet Memoma, Aunt Fay, Uncle Kai, Aunt Gwyn, Ian, and Allison for the first time. He was an angel the entire trip..... sleeping the majority of the time.

Cousin Allison with Braden

Aunt Fay and Braden

Sleeping in the pack-n-play for the first time.

On Saturday we went to see Ian play baseball. Brooks thinks that Ian hung the moon. He copies everything he says and does and they really do play well together. We all really enjoyed watching him play. It is like Gwyn said, "You can't go to a t-ball game and leave in a bad mood!"

Brooks and Allison yelling for Ian.

Water Break

Acting silly together!

Later that afternoon Brooks, Jeff, and Papa went to play mini-golf.

Papa and Brooks

Saturday night the boys dressed in their football gear and we all watched the UT game!

Grammie getting a little luvin' before we left. We had a great trip. I am sure it is one that Braden will never forget:)

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