Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thank you, Lord!

While I don't want to remember the fear that we had last week when Braden was sick or all the medical procedures that he had to endure, but I WILL always treasure the love, support, and prayers that were sent our way. Jeff and I have commented to each other many times that we cannot believe the number of people that have told us that they said a prayer for our family. We know that Braden was on MANY prayers lists and our school even did a moment of silence for him on Tuesday when he was so sick. THANK YOU!!! I know with all my heart that prayer is what got him better so quickly. He never really exhibited any symptoms except for a fever and excessive sleepiness. When he began his fever late Monday afternoon, we debated on whether to "watch" him during the night or go on and take him to the ER. My brother, who is a Dr., said to go to the ER and pack a bag because we would be admitted. I am so glad that we took his advice because Braden's fever went from 100.4 when we left the house to 101.5 when we got to the ER. The doctor said that this was a very high fever for a newborn. They immediately began giving him Tylenol and began doing urine and blood tests and a spinal tap. This is when we found out about the meningitis and they began antibiotics. I don't even want to think about how high his fever might have gotten if we would have waited until Tuesday morning to be seen.... all I can say is Thank You, Lord!

This was the sign that was outside Braden's room. It was a little scary when all the nurses and doctors would wear masks, gloves, and a gown when they entered the room. They said they had to because they were not sure if he was contagious. We didn't have to wear one because we had already been exposed.

This was our AWESOME nurse. She was Braden's day nurse for 3 days. We wanted to get a picture of the two of them before we left. She was so cute and sweet to us and she is
from Mt. Juliet..... right next to where I grew up!
Daddy looking very worried!

I took this in the ER. Rue Rue came over to be with us and stayed from about midnight to 3am when we finally got settled in our room. It helped so much to have someone there to encourage and just be there for us.

Braden was excited when they said that we could go home on Thursday! Can you see his sweet dimples???

Going home from the hospital.... AGAIN! This time we are home to stay!

Brooks was excited to have us home too. Here they are having one of those brother chats.

Thank you, God for my sweet HEALTHY boys!

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