Sunday, August 30, 2009

Good Times!

Here are a few pictures that we have taken since we have been home...AGAIN! Braden is slowly beginning to be more alert and awake. Since he has been born, has been sleeping about 21-22 hours a day. I have spoken to several doctors about this (in the hospital) and our regular pediatrician. They said it was a combo of being a newborn, still being jaundice, and having meningitis. Having a baby that enjoys sleep is GREAT (Brooks has NEVER been a great sleeper), but I am just trying to make sure that everything is OK!

He is wide awake here!

Our mother's group from church sent us this basket of goodies last weekend. It REALLY came in handy when we had to go back into the hospital!

Brooks is ALWAYS wanting to hold Braden.

To make Braden more alert/awake we have been having some "play"time since coming home last Thursday. Here he is trying to hold his head up!

Just laid back... taking it easy!

Papa time

Daddy time

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