Thursday, August 27, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We are HOME!!!!! Nothing had grown in Braden's spinal fluid so the doctors let us come home this afternoon. The diagnosis was aseptic meningitis.... which means viral. I have asked every doctor over there (it seems) where he could have picked this up. The only place that he had been was to the pediatrician's office last Friday and Saturday. They said you can pick up something like this from anyone or anywhere. Now I am going to be REALLY paranoid to take him anywhere. A few doctors suggested not getting him out in public until he was about a month old... so that is what I am going to do. I told the doctors that I thought that by me nursing that he would be protected from illnesses like this and they said that 1. he probably had not gotten enough of my antibodies at the time and 2. breastfeeding does not protect 100% of the time. Also they said that if I hadn't been nursing, he might have been a lot sicker (higher fever, more symptoms). We are so thankful for your prayers. We were absolutely humbled at the prayer chains that were established Tuesday. We were so scared and the Lord gave us such peace through your prayers and support.
*I will post pitiful hospital pics ASAP!


Jason, Betsy, Jackson said...

So glad to hear this news!!! I know you all are so glad to be home. We will be praying that he keeps improving each day!

Laura Beth said...

Praise God! So glad you are home!

h.denise said...

Kristy & Jeff, so happy you are home w/your two boys and all turned out well. Bless his littl heart he went through a lot for a little guy. I can only imagine the fear in your hearts while going through this ordeal and know each time he runs a fever now you will be so scared. God did step in and walk with you guys so I know you Praise Him as do we all. Hope you can soon feel normal and at ease with life. Best to all.
Denise Hardison

Justin and Elizabeth said...

Yay!! I am so glad that ya'll are home and that Braden is allright. We love you guys and will continue to pray for you.