Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The scariest time if our lives

As a lot of you know, Braden is in Children's Hospital in Knoxville. He began running a fever Monday night and we decided to take him on in to the ER. They began running all kinds of tests on him and through a spinal tap determined that he had meningitis. We were shocked! Our perfectly healthy newborn had a war raging inside his tiny little body! They admitted us about
3 am Tuesday morning and we remain there now. We continue to wait and see if it is bacterial or viral meningitis. At first they thought it was bacterial because the white blood count in his spinal fluid was 1,500 (normal is 30). However, nothing has grown in the spinal fluid yet so now they are thinking it is viral. If it is viral then we could possibly come home tomorrow or Friday. Very worst case scenario, if it is a certain form of bacteria then we could be at Children's for 3 weeks! We feel the prayers of our sweet friends and even strangers! Please continue to remember Braden. (Our laptop is not working well at the hospital so I will update again when I can.)


Jason, Betsy, Jackson said...

I will add you to our prayer list at church right now. Please let us know if you need anything!!! Many prayers will be lifted up for each of you in the days to come.


Laura Beth said...

I'm praying for you and your sweet Braden. Showers of prayers are going up for you right now as you face this scary time . . . Love you!

One Happy Family said...

Oh Kristy, I hate to hear little Braden and you all have been going through this. I hope he gets better soon. When you guys get home lock the door and don't let anyone in. J/K Hope you all are home soon and enjoying good health.