Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our Sweet Sweet Braden

Here are a few pictures that were taken over the last couple of days. Braden continues to be a WONDERFUL baby! He sleeps ALL THE TIME..... except when he is eating! Brooks was awake ALL THE TIME so I am not use to this! When we went to the doctor yesterday his jaundice levels were the same. The doctor said that was good and we did not have to do the light therapy!!! I was also thrilled that he had gained 3 ounces since we were there the day before!! He is an eating machine now that my milk is in!!!!
First sponge bath

This really got him awake.

Daddy and Braden time


And more sleeping!

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Tamra Lanning said...

Congratulations Jeff, Kristy, and Brooks! I know you are so proud...he's beautiful!