Friday, August 21, 2009

Our time at the hospital

Here were our two heroes! Jason was the Nurse Practitioner that was in the room when Braden was born and Amanda was my day nurse and actually delivered Braden! Grammie meets Braden

Brooks stayed with Mrs. Emily and Lydia for the day and then Papa and Papaw went and got him so he could come to the hospital. Here he is running to meet his new brother.
Papa, Cousin Meredith, and Chris take a peak at the newest Bird.

Brooks LOVED the toys that Braden brought him.
Grandma Bon looks him over.

Mrs. Emily came to meet Braden the next day.

Mommy and her boys

Rue Rue wore her new Grandma shirt

Aunt Leah came to see Braden too.

Mrs. Jane and Mr. Frank visited us on Wednesday.

Braden's 1st boo boo. He was born with some SUPER long nails so daddy used the nail clippers. Not a good thing as you can tell by the bandage!

Daddy and Braden waiting to be released.

We're out of here!

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Justin and Elizabeth said...

He is precious! I cant wait to meet him. You look so good and I love the shirts that you had made. Too cute!