Friday, August 21, 2009

Our First 24 hours at Home

Brooks had a great time decorating the house for Braden's homecoming.... the grandparents helped to!
Braden getting ready for his first night of "sleep."

Today we headed to the pediatrician for the first time. Braden checked out great, except for his jaundice. We have to go back tomorrow to see if his levels have gone up, if it has, then he may have to do light therapy at home. We are praying for a lower level!

Dr. Dameron examining Braden.

My sweet little frog!

Not a happy moment.

Brooks and Braden ---- Brooks has been so SWEET and attentive to Braden. He constantly wants to hold him or have him right beside him while he does everything. We are thankful for two sweet and healthy boys!

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Katrina said...

Brooks, Thank you for being a very good Big Brother. You and Braden will have a lot of fun when Braden is a little older. I can't wait to see you two. Thanks Jeff and Kristy for this blog spot it is so much fun to look at the boys and be included in things going on in Tennessee. Aunt Lynnette