Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Brooks Meets Braden

Well, as Jeff wrote in last night's post, Braden was born yesterday at 4:35 pm. I was ecstatic when I dilated from 6 to complete in about an hour!! Then I began pushing at 4:10 and he was born 25 minutes later! My nurse was great. She called my doctor and told her I was close. She told me just to sit there for a few minutes as long as I wasn't hurting (and Braden's heart rate was good). However, as I was just sitting there Braden was ready to enter the world and out he came. Thankfully, 2 more nurses came in about that time to help assess Braden and clean him up. Dr. Roberts got there about 5 minutes later and was pretty shocked that I had gone so quick! She finished me up and took a peak at our newest sweet angel. Brooks meets Braden..... he was a little shy with him at first and then Jeff took him to McDonalds and he was really ready to see him.

Here's your new brother!

My sweet boys!

Brooks having to get a closer look!

Hopefully, I will have some more good pictures (especially of the brothers) later today. Brooks did not get to the hospital until about 7:00 last night so EVERYONE was tired.


One Happy Family said...

Congratulations! I hope all continues to go well! See, it wasn't so bad. J/K Glad it went so well. It sounds like Braden is already a good baby. :)

Shannon and Andrew said...

Congratulations. Two boys are sooo much fun!!!

Jessica said...

Congratulations Kristy, Jeff, and Big Brother Brooks! I am so thankful the delivery went smoothly! And how sweet he is! Love the pics of the brothers! So happy for you all...can't wait to meet Braden!