Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Braden Hunter Bird 8/18/09

I will do my best to blog about our adventure today. I must warn you that I am not the writer Kristy is so hang in there. We had to get up this morning at 4:15! I am not sure if either one of us really got much sleep. My mom and dad spent the night with us to help out with Brooks. After a quick breakfast (mine) we were off to Park West. As soon as we got there they began Kristy's meds. After the first 4 hours things began to look like it did with Brooks. At first we thought Braden was going to take his sweet time getting here like Brooks did! About 4:10 or so the nurse began getting Kristy to push. Dr. Roberts was called and before she could get here the nurse was ready to deliver! It seems Braden was not interested in taking his time after all. Around 4:30 he was on his way out. Dr. Roberts came in just as they were cleaning him up. The day nurse ended up being the one to deliver and she did a great job! Welcome Braden Hunter Bird 8lbs 13 oz and 21 inches long. His head looks just like Brooks except it is not as big.
Hello there Mommy!

My beautiful wife and wonderful son #2! More pictures to come on Wednesday after we get some rest!

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Laura Beth said...

Congratulations! I'm so glad it went much smoother this time! He is precious and can't wait to see more pictures!