Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Braden's Room

Well, I think that we are about ready to bring Braden home to his new room... in a couple of weeks. I went to the doctor last Thursday and I had begun to progress some. She discussed possibly inducing me sometime the week of the 17th, but I really don't think I want to be induced again..... but we will see. I go back Friday so maybe I will know more then!

Let the painting begin!
I decided to switch Braden's room and the guest bedroom (because that would put him a little further from the household noise). Jeff was THRILLED about taking the crib apart and putting it back together!
I really liked the way that his room turned out! I got the bumper off Ebay for $11 and just found a sheet and dust ruffle at Target that somewhat matched. With Brooks' nursery, I had to have all matching items and it had to coordinate PERFECTLY. This time I was on a budget and more realistic to what I really needed. I didn't have to buy much at all; a little paint, a new changing table/dresser, and I did splurge on my new glider, but I made sure it was something I could move out into the other part of the house later.

I realize that the frame over the dresser is missing a picture. We are taking it to the hospital (like we did when Brooks was born) and letting all the visitors sign it for Braden and then I will put one of his newborn pictures in it.

Brooks painted this picture for his baby brother's room. He told me that it was an abstract painting. I think that it is so sweet!

Here are SOME of the clothes that we have (the entire closet is full). This is all of Brooks' and my nephew Vance's clothes that I think Braden will be able to wear (some were the wrong season.) I am proud of the stack of diapers that we have accumulated. I began buying them about 4 or 5 months ago and we have a pretty good stash to start with! (I just LOVE Pampers Swaddlers when they are little.... then I go to the cheapos later!)

The dresser is full of sleepers and onesies!

We are getting anxious to meet our sweet baby! We know he will bring nothing but MORE sunshine into our lives!


Jason, Betsy, Jackson said...

Love the room - it looks precious. Looking forward to seeing pictures of this sweet baby boy.

h.denise said...

Beautiful room and your little one will be very happy there. Good luck w/his birth. I enjoy reading about Brooks and will look forward to reading about Braden too.
Holly's Mom Denise

Laura Beth said...

What a sweet room! I know you are getting excited about meeting sweet Braden! :)

One Happy Family said...

It looks GREAT~
This is definitely the fun part. I'm glad to see your great eBay find, everything looks wonderful. I like the glider too. You will be sitting in it at 3 in the morning before you know it. :)

Holly said...

The room is too cute! Can't wait to see what he looks like! By the way, I use my bag you sent all the time! I'll be sending you something shortly!