Tuesday, July 28, 2009

No, he can't be..... 3 1/2!

I cannot believe that my baby is officially 3 1/2 this week.... yes, he is still the baby for a few more weeks! He is an absolute joy and we just enjoy him more and more each day. I've said for years that I think that I was "cut out" to have boys and evidently the Good Lord agrees. I enjoy playing ball in the yard (OK, not as much lately), watching him ride his bike through mud puddles, and even wiping his messy face! He talks constantly and has even been surprising us with BIG words like "realize" and "apparently" and he even uses them correctly in a sentence! He is counting to 20 and recognizes almost all of his letters (now we have to work on sounds). I am glad that he has his daddy's great sense of humor and he keeps us laughing most of the time! Here are a few of his latest funnies......

From time to time we still have poop issues, sometimes he will hold it in mostly because he does not want to take the time to actually sit on the potty. Anyway, the other day he was "dancing" and whining b/c he had to go to the bathroom. I said Brooks, "Why don't you just go on and go and then your stomach wouldn't hurt?" His reply was, " But, I am trying to hold it to see if I can break my record."
Then the other day he tooted really loud and I told him, "Goodnight, I think you just messed your pants" (I was kidding with him). He stood up and looked in his underwear and said, "Nope, just streaked 'em."
Last night when I was putting him to bed he said, "Mom why don't I have a phone in my room?" I said, "Probably because you are THREE!" He said, "When will I?" I told him he didn't need a phone b/c we have 2 cordless phones that he can use when he gets bigger...... I think this is a BIG indicator that he is going to be a phone talker like his daddy!
The other day I was watching him play golf on the Wii and I said, "Great shot buddy!" He turned and looked at me and said, "Momma, why do you sometimes call me buddy?" I explained that it was just a nickname that I had called him since he was born." He said. "Well, I would rather you call me sweetheart." He explained to me that Rue Rue calls him that sometimes. (I have never heard her call him that and she said she never remembers calling him that either!)
Playing the Wii we hear all kinds of funny sayings like after a good shot he'll say, "Yeah, baby!" Or if he misses one he will say, "You have got to be kidding me!"

Oh, how I LOVE this little boy!

At 3 1/2 his favorite activities are playing GOLF.... real and on the Wii! Jeff bought the Tiger Woods golf game for the Wii and tonight Brooks beat both Jeff and our neighbor, Scott, who plays REAL golf. I asked Jeff if they let him win and he said, "No, we didn't let him win..... in a frustrated tone!"

The other sport he really loves is baseball. He doesn't use a tee at all and he can usually throw the ball up and hit it himself. We are still working on catching the ball with a glove!

One thing that reminds me that Brooks is STILL my baby (OK, little boy), is he still LOVES his birds! Ms. Jan Kennedy got him these birds before he was even born and we have used them almost every night since (we even take them on vacations, Grammie and Papa's, etc). They play songs, light up, and project birds on the ceiling. They are just part of him going to sleep. When he was little and still had a paci, we would hear them come on at night and we knew that he had turned them on so that he could find his paci. I would love to know how many times we have changed the batteries! We have tried to find some for Braden, but we have not been able to find any like these or even close. We looked again the other day at Babies-R-Us and couldn't find any and Brooks said, "Well, I guess this means that Braden will just have to sleep with me!"

Another nightime buddy that I think is sooooo sweet is his Sissy. It is a little stuffed dog that he sleeps with. It was a baby gift that he got before he was born and I had it setting on a shelf in his room and about year and a half ago, he said, "I want Sissy." I had no clue who or what he was talking about. He pointed to the dog and from that day on she was Sissy..... his bed buddy! I'll go in there a lot of nights after he is asleep and he will be holding her like this or right under his chin. I guess everyone needs someone or thing to snuggle with!

Thank you, Lord for such a sweet angel!

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Justin and Elizabeth said...

He is a hoot! And oh soo sweet!