Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Rue Rue!

Yesterday we went to up to the mountains to celebrate Rue Rue's Birthday. Rue Rue, Papaw, and some of their friends were camping at Cades Cove and Brooks could not wait to go! We usually have a BIG celebration in the mountains, but Aunt Lynnette is sick with the shingles so the Georgia group didn't get to come in. (They are going to come in later when Braden gets here and we can celebrate again..... get well soon Aunt Lynnette!) We had a great time eating, relaxing, and playing!

Brooks and his Rue Rue Rue Rue with the boys... Ray and Brooks. She is holding up her b-day gift from us. It is a shirt that says, "Rue Rue" and then has all the grandsons names (Ray, Brooks, and Braden) going around the circle. (My friend has her own t-shirt design company. She made Rue Rue's shirt and adorable Big Brother and Little Brother shirts for the boys.... they will be debuting them soon!)

Ray Ray playing with Brooks' mini-cornhole game.
While there we got to see a lot of animal life. We saw this bear cub on the side of the road.

Then in the campsite we saw these tiny baby deer. I had never seen babies this little. We watched them for awhile and then noticed their mama on down in the woods.

It was so sweet. When they saw their mama they ran quickly to her (almost knocking her down) and began nursing! They were about 15 feet from us.

Brooks also LOVES playing in the COLD mountain water and throwing rocks.

Don't fall in the cold mountain water!

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