Thursday, June 11, 2009

Unexpected Fun

Last week we made an unexpected trip to Lebanon. My SIL's, Cryste, sister had a brain aneurysm in Nashville so Cryste drove up to be with her and brought Melia, Livie, and Vance. They all stayed at Grammie and Papa's house and since Grammie is still recovering from her foot surgery we drove in to help. Brooks had only seen his cousins once since Christmas so they were all VERY excited to see each other. They had a GREAT time playing and everyone got along so well!
* Cryste's sister, Cindy Elmore, is still in ICU in Nashville. She will be there at least 3 weeks until her body can absorb the blood in her brain. She is very susseptable to a stroke during this time. Please keep her in your prayers.

Sprinkler Fun! Brooks helping Vance
Melia had to postpone her birthday party when they came to Lebanon so I baked her some cupcakes and we had our own party down at Ian and Allison's house.

The 3 boys... Ian (5) Brooks (3) and Vance (1)

Vance was such a sweetie! He is SO laid back and would just watch all the kids play. Then later he would join in the fun and copy everything they were doing!

More playing

A little TV before bed

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