Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Please don't think our son is weird!

Well, we have had some more "drama" with Brooks' and his friend, Alyssa, next door. She and Brooks LOVE to play together and they get along really well. They ride their bikes, jump on the trampoline, swing, dig in the garden, etc...... oh yes this is also the same girl that he played the "Marrying game" with. It took about 2 months, but he is finally not asking me everyday about why people get married, who will he marry, when will he get married, why did I marry daddy, etc! Lately, he and Alyssa have been riding in her Barbie Jeep and pretending that she is the mother and he is the son (they even asked me if I would be the Mamaw..... and since I am moving at about Mamaw speed lately, I thought that was pretty fitting!)
Anyway, one of us or Alyssa's parents are always outside with them and on a normal night it is all 4 of us because we just pull up some chairs and talk. Well, last Tuesday Brooks and Alyssa were playing in her playhouse outside and Jeff was working in our garden. He said that he hadn't seen them in a while so he walked over to the treehouse and he saw Alyssa laying on the floor and Brooks "sawing" on her stomach. He asked them what they are doing........ guess what the game is now????? DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!! Jeff jerked Brooks up and brought him in the house and Brooks was crying and Jeff was yelling, "You do not play doctor with anyone!" I come into the living room and get them both to calm down. I told Brooks that I was not going to get mad, but to tell me what happened. He said that Alyssa was pretending that she had a baby in her tummy and he was trying to saw it out (he even did the sawing motions). I looked up at Jeff and said, "At least it was a C-section and not a vaginal delivery!" I talked to Brooks about how being a doctor was serious and a game that little kids should not play. Jeff and I talked about it and then went and talked to our neighbors too. As much as these "games" worry me I know that it is just a stage that Brooks is going through. Alyssa's mom just had a baby in April and I am due in August so this is something that are both experiencing and curious about. I have had several ask me how he knew to "saw " on her stomach. Well, he asked me a month or so ago how Braden will get out. I told him that sometimes the doctor has to make a little cut on the mommy's tummy so that they can get the baby out...... Jeff can explain the rest to him later.....MUCH LATER!


Justin and Elizabeth said...

I dont know what is funnier, Brooks or Jeffs reaction!!!

Jason, Betsy, Jackson said...

This made me laugh out loud - I know we will be facing these same issues way too soon! Hope you are doing good!