Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Two Terrible Tuesdays

Last Tuesday we took Brooks to the allergist. He has continually gotten croup since he turned one. I think his chart said he has had it over 14 times! I do not like him being put on a steroid every other month so the pediatrician decided that he could benefit from allergy testing. He ended up not showing any reaction to the allergies they tested him for, but the said that they have about 30% false negative results for kids under the age of 4..... why did you not tell me that before we tested him?! Anyway, they are now treating him for reflux....even though he NEVER had that as a baby.... it can be linked to asthma later. We have to go back in September for a follow-up.
He did a great job there!
This was the first allergy test that they did on Brooks. The left side was the "controlled" side and the right side was the actual reaction side. Brooks reacted in just one place and they said that was normal. He said that this part itched and we had to keep him still for 15 minutes. This was probably the hardest part!
The next test was the one that hurt him. That stuck him 4 times on his arm and he had to sit still for 15 minutes. He screamed with this one so I know it was painful!

Then today was our first adventure to the dentist with Mr. Brooks. He was scared from the beginning and screamed, kicked, and cried, both times that the nurse and doctor tried to examine his teeth. The dentist finally had to put a foam wedge in his mouth to keep it open so he could take a look. Thankfully, he said that his teeth looked good..... even though he was faithfully devoted to a paci for his first 2 1/2 years.... there was no evidence that he even took a paci the dentist said! We have to go back in December for his first cleaning.... I am already dreading it!

Don't let this picture fool ya! As soon as the dentist tried to take a look he went NUTS!

Even though these were not fun times, I am SO THANKFUL that the Lord has blessed us with a healthy son. I know so many parents go through MUCH worse doctor's visits than these!

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Justin and Elizabeth said...

How awful! Austin has been through the same testing and same diagnosis. His problem is that he coughs ALOT. He took allergy shots and nothing came back that he was allergic to, they did asthma testing and finally said it was acid reflux. Well the medicine worked for a little while but now his cough is back so Carmen took him back to the dr and they told her that it might be good to retest him for asthma and allergies since it had been a while. I dont think they know what is wrong! Hope things go better for Brooks!