Thursday, May 28, 2009

Meeting Katlyn

A couple of weeks we had the pleasure of meeting the newest member of the family (on Jeff's side). His cousin, Tracy and her husband Matt came to visit and brought their newborn daughter, Katlyn Dawn. She was SO SWEET and just as cute as a button. Brooks surprised me by really taking an interest in her. He was bothered when she cried and constantly tried to give her a paci, blanket, and crackers (he quickly learned that was a no-no). We look forward to going to GA next week and seeing Katlyn and her family again! All smiles for Cousin Jeff
Brooks looking on with affection.

This is Grandma Bon's three great-grandchildren. It is hard to believe we will be throwing one more boy into the mix come August. Poor Katlyn will be surrounded by boys!!
Katlyn, Ray, and Brooks

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Katrina said...

we need a copy of this picture. it is the best. i love to read about what all brooks is doing. i'm looking forward to his visiting. Aunt Nett