Thursday, June 11, 2009

1st Braves Game

Last Friday night we took Brooks to his first Braves game. Jeff got a group of 20 people to go (we all met there) and we got great seats. The weather was PERFECT, not too hot, not too cool. The Braves lost (big shocker this season), but we had an awesome time. We even stayed late for the fireworks!
Jeff and Brooks had to bring their gloves in case a homerun came our way. (It didn't, but they did get a ball during batting practice and got it signed by Trevor Hoffman.... one of the best relief pithchers in the league!) Here are some of the people from our group... several neighbors and some of Jeff's family from GA.

Brooks had a great time in the Braves kids' zone. He LOVED the miniature baseball field and that is where he wanted to spend the entire night.... playing ball, not watching it!

Can't go to a baseball game without getting a $5 hot dog!

Here is a short video of Brooks playing in the kids' zone. He thought he was as big as the rest of the kids.

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Allen Bird said...

Great home run Brooks! You look like a professional
Braves player running those bases! We are so proud
of you! Love, Rue Rue and Papaw