Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our funny boy!

Brooks continues to make us laugh. Here are a few of his latest funnies!

*Tonight we were doing our nightly family devotional and we asked Brooks what Bible song he wanted to sing. (He is going to VBS this weeks so he has been wanting to sing VBS songs.) He said, "I want to sing, Mike in the Hallway." Jeff and I both said that we weren't familiar with that one. Brooks said, "You know, Mike in the hallway, I want to ride it all night long." (We busted out laughing.) Jeff said, "No, Brooks it is Life is a Highway, I want to ride it all night long." (Not a Bible song) I think he might have played a little too much American Idol with Melia and Olivia last week!

*I was in the office the other day checking my email and doing some 31 business and Brooks walks in and in a serious voice (with a sigh) said, "Bills, Bills, Bills." It was hilarious the way he said it.... and we don't even complain much about the bills... in front of him!

*A couple of weeks ago we cleaned out the garage and I gave Brooks a white canvas and told him that I would LOVE for him to paint a picture for Braden's room. He painted for awhile (a bunch of globs of paint) and when I asked him what he had painted he said, "This is an adstrap(abstract)." I said, "How on earth did you know what an abstract painting was." He looked up proudly and said, "From Caillou." I am glad that he is learning some educational things from his TV time!

*The other night Brooks was praying before dinner and and out of the blue he said, "And Dear God, please help Braden when he is born not to be yellow, so he will not have to sleep in that box." (I think he has seen the following picture of himself... and has bad flashbacks!)

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