Monday, June 22, 2009

Cousin Chaos

A couple of weekends ago (after the big Braves game) we went to stay a few days with my brother and his family. They have a beautiful house and lots of area for the kiddos to run and play! Brooks got along GREAT with his cousins (usually he likes to aggravate) and the girls even begged us to stay longer. Vance spent the entire time trying to mimic everything the others were doing.

Here they are playing the Wii (which is what they did most of the time) was just too hot to play outside all day! Melia LOVED our American Idol Wii game. I think that we heard YMCA about 40 times in a 3 day period!

Melia and Olivia have their own outdoor fort. Here they are, along with Brooks and Vance, planting some flowers around the fort.

This is the view from their back porch. They own about 7 acres and it is so pretty out there.

Vance modeling the popsicle pose. (He is 2 years younger than Brooks and weighs almost the same!)

We enjoyed swimming at their neighbor's house! Brooks loved the "hot tub" part... it wasn't heated at the time.

Breakfast buddies

Brooks and Vance had a lot of fun together!

Boys wrestling match.... whoever wins gets the Wii remote!

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