Sunday, April 05, 2009

Tough Questions!

Brooks has been asking a lot of tough questions lately. I knew that he would keep us on our toes, but I did not know that he would make me think this much... this early! Here are a few examples.....

1. The other night he asked, "Are you going to die?" "Am I going to die?" This led to a lengthy conversation about God, mortalty, etc.... all while trying to keep it simple and not scaring him.

2. Then yesterday, he asked, "What is shit?" I asked him again what he said and again he said, "shit." I promise Jeff, nor I, use bad language. When I asked Brooks where he heard this he just shrugged his shoulders and said, "I don't know." Then he said, "I think from you." This is totally not true..... I would not blog this if I had really said it!!! Anyway, I played it off pretty well. I said, "Oh you mean Ship, a ship is a really big boat." He accepted that answer pretty well!

3. Today on the way to church he asked, "Where is God and why can we not see him?" After we got finished explaining that one he then asked us, " Why does God need money?" I said that God really doesn't need money like we do and then Brooks asked, "Then why do we have to give him money in the basket every Sunday?"

Who knew that two parents with a Bachelor's, Master's, and EDS degrees would be stumped so many times by a 3 year-old!!!!!!!


Jason, Betsy, Jackson said...

This post made me laugh out loud! I don't think any amount of college can prepare you for parenthood!

Have a great week!

Justin and Elizabeth said...

Wow! Those are tough questions! Sounds like you handled them really well - I guess that is what we have to look forward too :) Give Brooks a hug for me.