Saturday, April 04, 2009

A Super Saturday

Today we had a GREAT day at home. The last two Saturdays I have stayed at home and gone NOWHERE and loved every minute of it! (I am such a homebody sometimes!) Anyway, even though we stayed at home all day we had LOTS of fun!

First off Jeff and Brooks surprised me with breakfast in bed....... pancakes...YUM YUM! My sweet/handsome butler!

Next Brooks and I dyed Easter eggs.

So serious!

While we were dying the eggs, Jeff was outside working on Brooks' (very late) birthday present... a new basketball goal!

Brooks went outside a zillion times to see if it was "ready yet." Once it was, it was happy shooting! He can actually make most of his shots too!

This is a random picture I made of our house. All the flowers are so pretty and I had to take a picture because it sounds like a hard frost will be moving in tomorrow night:(

After a nap we had a neighborhood Easter egg hunt. After the kids found the eggs we all grilled out. The kids played and the adults just sat around and talked/laughed. Everyone had a great time!

Go Brooksie, Go!

Brooks hid the eggs for the older kids after his hunt was over.

Brooks and Brady.... big buds.

Some of the adults had to take a break after the exhausting hunt. I think it was just an excuse to sit/lay down in the grass. It is so soft/green/thick right now! I LOVE spring!

Then Brooks and Coleton decided to drive around and look for some babes.

Some of the kiddos waiting on their hot dog. The little girl on Brooks' left is Alyssa. She was the bride in the marrying game...... we were all watching them carefully!

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