Saturday, March 28, 2009

Aquarium + Cousins = Awesome Day

My Cousin Gwyn and her family were in Pigeon Forge for a few days enjoying the nice Spring (rainy) weather. So yesterday we decided to meet them for a fun day at the Gatlinburg Aquarium. Brooks has been before, but he was only about 8 months old so I am guessing he didn't remember much about it! We met them at their cabin and then headed to Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokey's. The kids had so much fun together and Gwyn and I had fun catching up too. (She even took Brooks afterwards for a few hours while I headed over to the outlet mall.) We had a great day!

We've got our tickets... let's go in!

Checking out the beautiful fish.
This spot was so pretty!

Don't lean back!

Looks like the fish behind him is saying "cheese" too!

This picture cracks me up. Brooks spent half of his time in the awesome shark tunnel putting one foot on the conveyor belt and the other on the regular carpet and then seeing how far his legs would stretch. Every time I would see a cool fish swim by I would look down at Brooks and he would be looking at his feet and the conveyor belt. I told Gwyn that I was glad that I spent $25 for Brooks to be mesmerized by a belt that moves!

A scary sawfish swimming over us in the tunnel

Mommy and Brooks in the shark tunnel.

Touching some kind of weird crab.


Three of the cutest fish I saw all day!

This was a dive show that they had. Brooks asked me several times on the way home if the scuba diver ever got out of the tank.

String Ray Bay- You can actually touch the stingrays here.

It was fun-filled exhausting day with the cousins!! We were driving home last night and this is was what I found when I turned around.

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One Happy Family said...

The fun never stops with you guys! I'm excited to hear another boy. I'm quite biased when it comes to having two boys. I don't think there could be anything better. Maybe the third can be a girl. J/K Congratulations! Love the name choice- and the bib.