Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Name

Well, I am officially 20 weeks now and we have confirmed the baby's entire name.... Braden Hunter Bird. Braden is a name that we just both like.... I really wanted to stay with a "B" name and one that isn't very common. (I think that Brooks and Braden sound cute together!)
Hunter is a family name. My mom's mother's maiden name was Hunter and I wanted to "honor" my mother's side of the family in some way. We honored Jeff's dad's side of the family with Brooks' middle name, Lamar. (It is a 5th generation middle name.) Jeff's sister honored their mom's side of the family by naming her son after Jeff's grandfather. And my brother's little boy, Vance, honors my dad's side of the family...... So I did not want to leave my mother's side out! Believe me I had several girl options , but very few boy choices on that side of the family. I have always liked the name Hunter, but wasn't sure how well it went with Bird. After thinking about it for a while, I am convinced that it will work well as a middle name! When I told my grandmother today, I could hear her choke up on the phone and she told me that it made her so happy that we were remembering her. I couldn't think of a better person on this Earth that I would rather my child be named after. Memomma is 90 years old and had a difficult life. Her mother died when she was 4 and life from then on was very hard. She is the hardest working person I know. She worked a farm, then went to a factory job, came home to twin girls, cooked, sewed, did more farm work, and then got up the next morning and did the same thing again. She even worked at Wal-mart when she was in her 80's.... I think all this hard work is part of her longevity! However, the thing I admire most about her is her Christian spirit. Her kindness, love, and the constant support she has always given me brings me to tears! Braden will be blessed to have such a heroic middle name!

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