Thursday, April 09, 2009

Getting Ready for Easter

We have been quite busy around here lately getting ready for the bunny to visit this weekend. Brooks is excited about what the Easter bunny might leave him this year. I love all the activities that go along with the holidays! It is especially fun now that Brooks is old enough to do fun crafts and "help" me decorate.

Here he is helping to hang our Easter flag.

We made an Easter tree outside this year. I hung several eggs from it a few weeks ago and meant to add more, but I never got around to it. It was especially pretty when the pear tree was blooming. Brooks is about to go to preschool in this picture. He had a big Easter egg hunt today.

We made some construction paper eggs to hang on our windows. Brooks LOVES to finger paint...somehow everything turns brown.... I think because he always mixes ALL the colors on the paper!

Our egg family

The final product

I had to include this picture of Brooks. After picking him up from preschool today we went and got his paperwork for his "new" preschool. He is old enough now to go to our church preschool next year. He is actually going to start in July (before the major changes begin around here.) He is really excited about going there two days a week. They have an amazing program! My little bunny is growing up:(

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Justin and Elizabeth said...

Looks like yall have had so much fun decorating! I love your flowers, they are beautiful. Can't wait to see you again, maybe when we get back from Texas.