Saturday, April 25, 2009

First Hole In-One

This weekend we have been in Lebanon to help Kristy's mom. She had foot surgery on Wednesday, so we decided we would go and help her out. One of the things Brooks enjoys doing while in Lebanon is playing miniature golf. Usually Brooks, Ken, and I go play miniature golf together. Kristy and her cousin, Gwyn, went out looking for plants for landscaping, so Ken had to stay and help Kay. Brooks and I took a father and son trip out to play some mini-golf. Usually, while visiting Kristy's parents, Brooks will watch the Golf Channel with Papa so he has managed to pick up a few tips from watching the pros! As you can see he has learned to read the greens like the pros! A little warm up should do!

Quick smile for the media!

A careful swing and ... HOLE IN-ONE! I have never seen Brooks so proud! After sinking his first hole in-one, Brooks jumped up and down and then ran to me and gave me the biggest hug he could give! He kept yelling," Hole in-one! Hole in-one! Dad, did you see that?" Who knows maybe I need to take some golf lessons soon! Anyone out there care to teach me? Ha! Ha!

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