Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Injured of Lebanon

Last Wednesday my dad had a partial knee replacement, so Jeff took off a few days and we headed to Lebanon to see what we could do to help. Dad made it great through surgery and his rehab seems to going well too. The afternoon that he had surgery we went over to visit my Aunt Fay and Uncle Kai. They were keeping Ian and Brooks LOVES to play with Ian. While we were there Aunt Fay decided to play hockey with the boys. (Ian is a HUGE hockey fan. He goes to all the games, knows all the Preds numbers, names...I mean this kid is really into hockey.) Anyway, Aunt Fay and Ian were playing hockey and the next thing I knew Aunt Fay was tumbling to the ground at a very rapid speed. She hit her head VERY HARD on the door frame. I ran over to her and in about 10 seconds there was blood everywhere! Brooks and Ian watched as Uncle Kai, Jeff, and I ran to get towels, cloths, ice, Tylenol....... finally, Uncle Kai decided to take her to the ER. She lost a lot of blood. A couple of hours later we went to see Papa in the hospital and we then headed to the ER to check on Aunt Fay. She had to have 5 staples in the back of her head and the ER staff got a good laugh from this hockey grandma. One doctor even wrote on her hospital bracelet (No More Hockey).

This is Papa the night before his surgery. He and Grammie had these stair-lifts installed to help them get up and down all their stairs. He is showing Brooks how it works....and yes Brooks is playing a harmonica in the picture!
Brooks taking Papa a balloon in the hospital.

Brooks and Ian...acting silly before the big fall.

About 10 minutes after this picture was taken that floor looked like a crime scene... maybe not that bad, but it was pretty bloody!

Brooks took Aunt Fay a balloon before we came back home.

I think the next day Aunt Fay was sore all over!

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Laura Beth said...

Bless their hearts! That is terrible about Fay . . . and funny in some weird way, too! (the playing hockey part) Hope your Dad is recovering quickly!