Thursday, November 20, 2008

Church Funnies

We had to take Brooks to the doctor the last two Sunday mornings (1st time ear infection...2nd time Croup (of course) so we were very HAPPY to get back to Sunday School and Sunday morning worship this past Sunday. Brooks's Sunday School teacher laughed and told Jeff that they were learning about Creation and one of Brooks's friends, Dillion, said, "One day we will all see God." She said that Brooks piped up and said, "But, not today, and probably not tomorrow, but someday!"
Then we were in worship and they began the Lord's Supper and Brooks said out loud, "Hey, I want some supper." I quickly shot him a look and put my finger over my mouth and shook my head No. He looked back at me and said out loud, "After I am baptized, I can have the Lord's Supper?" I had to smile and shook my head, Yes.

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