Saturday, October 18, 2008

Boy's Day On the Farm

Today Kristy had a Thirty One party that she had to go to so Brooks and I met my friends Patrick, Jamie, and Garrett Chapman at Maple Lane Farms in Greenback. We had a blast! Brooks seemed to really enjoy the hayride around the farm. I took some funny and cute pictures of my little buddy! I really enjoy getting to have a "boy's day out" as Kristy calls it.

Farmer Brooks driving the tractor! I thought this was so funny. At first he did not want to do this picture, but I was able to talk him into it!
Since it is getting close to Halloween, Brooks loves to spot the scarecrows along the road. I think this is the best looking one that I have seen. What do you think?

Brooks and Daddy getting ready for the big hayride!

Jeff, Brooks, Jamie, and Garrett enjoying the ride around the farm.

I took this picture of Brooks on a waggon for Kristy. One of her favorite shows is Little House On the Prairie and I thought Brooks looked like Charles Ingalls up on the waggon. The only thing missing are the tears! (Every time I watch the show with her it seems like Charles, Michael Landon, spends half his time crying about something!) Click here to really get the effect! Have your speakers on for this one!

Poster boy for Maple Lane Farms!

Brooks and I had a great time together, but we both decided that on our next trip to the farm we are going to bring Kristy along and show her how to have some fun down on the farm!

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