Monday, October 13, 2008

Beach Post...Almost

Well, we are finally back from the beach. We had a great week in Destin despite a ROUGH start. We drove down to my brother's in GA to see their new house and break up the long drive. On the way there we ran over something in the road and our SUV began acting strange. We were afraid it had done something to the transmision, but thankfully it ended up being OK! However, that night my brother woke up in the night with food poisoning and Brooks woke up with a high fever (virus). Needless to say, it took us a long time to get from GA to Destin because we had to pull over several times for both Keith, my brother, and Brooks! The good news is that both were well by Tuesday and no one else got sick!!!

I have lots of pictures to post.....sometime ..... between school, housework, and Thirty-One, I am swamped! Check back later in the week for some great fun-in-the-sun pictures!

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